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The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences has officially adopted and reaffirms their policies as follows:

No member of the Academy shall, on the grounds of race, color, religion, gender, age, handicap, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, pregnancy, or veteran status be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to, discrimination in this organization.

No member shall be subject to sexual harassment in ACJS related programs and activities. Sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to, physical or verbal abuse of a sexual nature including graphic comments about an individual's body, sexually degrading remarks used to describe an individual, or unwelcome propositions and physical advances of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment also includes the threat or insinuation that lack of sexual submission will be used as a basis for decisions affecting or interfering with an individual's organizational standing.

It is the policy of the Academy that minorities and women shall be involved and encouraged to participate as active members in all activities of ACJS, including policy and decision making.

The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences is a professional organization supporting affirmative action to ensure equal opportunities in programs, activities and employment, regardless of race, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation and/or gender.